Materials for ICC 2017

In the following, materials used for a fundamental study to analyse the benefits and challenges of cross-linked Ring Road satellite networks are provided. The materials include the contact plans for eight different simulations running either 3 hours or 24 hours with a fixed amount of satellites (4) and a varying amount of so called hot spots, which are ground stations with Internet connection (2,4,6). The assumed communication range is 1000 km. For the analysis, the Systems Tool Kit (STK) has been used.

One of the simulation scenarios can be seen in the following video:

Please find the consolidated materials in the following:
If you would like to download the contact plans of a specific scenario, please find the associated files in the following table:

Hot Spots Satellites Sim. Duration Without ISL With ISL
2 4 3 hours [link] [link]
4 4 3 hours [link] [link]
6 4 3 hours [link] [link]
6 4 24 hours [link] [link]